Privacy Policy

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We take your privacy very seriously.

We collect and store only the minimum details necessary for us to conduct business with you. You may ask us to supply a complete copy of all the information about you we have stored at any time and you may request its complete removal from our systems. We will always provide a timely response.

The data we store and process is used only as strictly necessary for the provision of our services to you, e.g. if you have requested notification of the availability of future courses then we will store your email address and use it to send that notification and for no other purpose. If you have an account with us then we will store your email address and use it to identify your account so that we may provide the associated services. Additional information stored in your account is used only as strictly necessary to provide these services and is under your direct control when you log in, e.g. if you request a personalised poster with your name on it then we will store your name and use it to create that poster, and you may edit or remove your name at any time.

We will never pass any of your details on to any third party without obtaining your explicit consent except when we are required to do so by a legal instrument such as a court order or as strictly necessary for the provision of our services.


We do not store cookies on your device unless and until it is strictly necessary for the functions of the website you have chosen to use. When we do store a cookie on your device it will contain only the minimum information necessary for the operation of the site and will not contain anything that can identify you to any third party. Our cookies are securely encrypted to further protect your privacy.

We use Google Analytics to help us understand how this site is being used and provide the best posible services. Google Analytics will place its own cookies on your device for this purpose. You can learn more about Google cookies on their site, here. Google offer a facility to stop their cookies being placed on your computer, here. If you are interested, you can find out more about cookies here.

Third parties

In addition to Google Analytics, we also use other third party services as follows:

This web site and its supporting infrastructure are hosted on virtual servers based in the UK and operated by Vultr. We do not grant access to these servers to any third party, including the service provider.

We sometimes use MailChimp to send email to multiple recipients who have explicitly requested it. The information shared with them is the minimum necessary to enable them to provide this service. In addition to our own data management provisions, MailChimp also offer the facility to remove your email address from their lists independently of us.

For our own internal email, including messages sent to us when you fill in forms on the web site (e.g. the contact and booking forms), we use GMail to read, store and send email.

Other data services, e.g. backups and day-to-day processing, are entirely in-house on systems owned, managed and controlled by us.


Should you require further information on these or any other subjects please use our contact form to get in touch. If you have difficulty making contact through that route you can write to us at 2 Snows Cottages, Mamhead, EX6 8HW, UK.