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I am Susan Quayle, the kids reflexologist. First and foremost I am a mother and a wife; huge responsibilities that I take incredibly seriously. I am also an award-winning complementary therapist, children's author, business woman, creator of The Children's Reflexology Programme and author of the series of books by the same name. I am an educator and evangelist for the benefits of simple reflexology to support and empower parents throughout the world.

I come from humble beginnings: my parents were poor, my mother was illiterate, my father was uneducated but had a ferocious work ethic. I don't remember having many toys or books when I was a child. I spent the greater part of the first ten years of my life outside in nature digging treasure from river banks, catching newts in buckets from brooks, scrumping sour apples from what I now know to be cider apple orchards, picking flowers, berries, mushrooms and anything else that I liked the look of or thought might be edible, and crawling through ancient limestone caves (that if my children went near I would probably have apoplexy! Health and Safety just didn't exist in those days!).

My childhood was idyllic I remember it with great joy and real sense of freedom. When I was eleven my world was shattered by my mother leaving home. A year later when I thought things couldn't get worse my older sister was killed in a most violent and shocking way that destroyed the remnants of the life I had known. My father, totally destroyed but trying his hardest to manage his family, turned heavily to drink. Some of the hardest years of my life followed and I left school as soon as I could without any qualifications and then left home.

When I was nineteen I met Merlyn, my husband and general all round amazing website building genius. It took me a long time to find complementary therapy but once I did I knew it was exactly where I should be. Working with women was inevitable really after losing all the women in my life so early. Supporting them when they were at their most vulnerable, during conception, pregnancy and beyond with their children had great meaning for me. I always felt it was important to do something that would make a difference to someone else's life. It may be part of what is called survivor's guilt but it was important not to waste my life when my sister's was taken from her.

The Children's Reflexology Programme is my great passion and was created to make a difference in another person's life, to offer women choices where they may not have existed before through support, friendship, community and the gentle healing power of reflexology and bonding touch.

I dedicate my work to my sister and my father.

Susan Quayle
The kids reflexologist