The Children's Reflexology Programme

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kids reflex - soothing the early years

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Help for parents and carers

Kids reflex will help you enjoy a better connection with your child and cope better with the stresses of illness and everyday life
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Become an instructor and build your own business bringing the benefits of kids reflex to more parents and carers

Our award-winning range of courses is delivered by specially qualified instructors enabling anybody to make use of simple, gentle reflexology as a powerful tool to improve the lives of babies, children and their carers at home and in childcare settings.

  • Testimonials:
  • A fantastic course, brilliant teaching. The best course I have ever been on, full of fun and laughter.

  • I did the digestion one on R today as he's constipated and yesterday in class it worked a treat (sceptical me wondered if it was a coincidence) and it worked again. Good stuff!

  • Great course and content. Very knowledgeable. Fantastic group to learn with, pleased that there was a mix of reflexologists and baby massage therapists.

  • A wonderful course for families. Beneficial to all.

  • Susan delivered this course in an interesting, clear and fun way – she is very knowledgeable and brings out the “best” in people by sharing her skills and knowledge. One of the best trainings I have ever attended!

  • Z doesn't sleep if he doesn't use his potty before he goes to bed, he wakes every hour because he needs to use the potty but won't. I thought I'd try the technique I had learnt from my first Infant Reflexology class. So while he was playing I followed him around and worked his feet in a way that he didn't even realise I was doing it. The effect was immediate, he shouted “potty, potty, potty” and subsequently slept right through the night. Very happy that the course has been beneficial after only one session.

  • I've had a text from C this evening saying her five year old had an after school melt down and she calmly got hold of her feet away from being kick and gently pressed on her solar plexus reflex and she instantly calmed down and accepted a cuddle!! She was very excited that already she could put what she learned to good use!! We're all looking forward to next week!!

  • What a beautiful and educational time I had with you Susan, learning how to bond even more with my children through the reflexology programme. Proud to be an instructor now and teaching others through your outstanding books.xx

  • Wonderful instructor training, and a great programme to teach parents and carers.. Susan, your enthusiasm is contagious So pleased to be part of this

  • Fantastic! Raring to go. Thank you for all the help, teaching, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to it!

  • Blessed to part of this amazing journey, just what I needed to enhance my business! Loved being here a meeting amazing people. Susan you're an inspiration!

  • Really enjoyed course, very relaxed, best course I have been on to date.

  • I just had to tell you before I forgot... I just caught J teaching her Daddy how to do reflexology on her baby dolls feet!! “No daddy not like that, like this” as she showed him how to caterpillar her fingers up the toes!!! ... Just have to say reflexology and she says do my feet!!! Loves it!! And it's working we're getting full nights again!! Xx Plus may I add she's been asking where you are and when you're coming back!! Let's hope she holds true to form for Wednesday!! Xx

  • I have really enjoyed the course. Susan's enthusiasm is infectious. I am very excited about going out and delivering the course in my area. Thank you.

  • An absolutely brilliant way to introduce simple reflexology techniques to help parents and babies with common complaints, complete with a story about a mouse, rhymes and handouts! I am really looking forward to teaching the course in Weymouth and West Dorset and meeting lots of families.

  • I was very fortunate to find The Mouses House book and used it for 2 years to help my autistic son to sleep. I have since purchased the other two books and done the wonderful children's instructor course training with the fantastic Claire Hall. I can't wait to share the courses with families in the West Midlands.

  • Excellent and enjoyable course. Your enthusiasm is clear and contagious. Really excited about what the future holds.

  • Amazing course. Thank you Susan an absolute pleasure. Really enjoyed it and can't wait to get teaching.

  • The best course I have done ever! Lovely relaxed style. Love Susan's openness to encourage us to take the business ideas to new levels. Feel very lucky with group of ladies. Feel supported on journey to come!! You have such a great way of training and empowering people too Susan! Don't change a thing!!

  • Fabulous! Wonderful instructors course and an amazing skill to pass on to families. Really have enjoyed the course. A relaxed atmosphere and not too many of us. We all felt heard and are determined to stay in touch with one another.

  • I attended the children's reflexology programme with my wee boy who was 3months old. I really enjoyed this programme as I learned alot of ways to help my family if I ever need it like if they become unwell or even just to help them through different stages in their life. I also enjoyed spending the time with my son and doing something beneficial for him and it was fun too. I would recommend this course to anyone.. Reflexology is fab.. Also the tutor is fab too.

     NI mum
  • Had my first antenatal lesson for reflexology yesterday & it was amazing. Information straight forward to follow Andrea Jennings is a great teacher. Can’t wait to try out reflexology on my little one when he/she arrives. Looking forward to my next lesson to learn some more great techniques. Great course well worth it.

  • Hi Topsy, just thought I'd let you know that I did the reflexology on G last night as part of his bedtime routine - he slept the best he has since he was born!! Even D is converted! Xx

     Happy mum
  • Just wanted to share some feedback after my session this week. One of the mums nearly didn't come as her baby had a cold but then she heard we were doing the 'coughs and colds' protocol so she came along. Later that day she posted on their Facebook group chat “Thank you so much for today Topsy, M has been such a different baby since this mornings session so it has definitely helped her cold - no crying and breathing much better” Another mum who didn't come along because both she and her baby had a cold, after reading that was desperate to have a session to catch up! Just finished the 1-2-1 with them - such a lovely relaxing session.

     Topsy Fogg, instructor
  • A fab programme for parents, carers and little ones. Great for bonding with your little one and feeling empowered to soothe and support your child through common childhood ailments.

  • Great session today with a mum and her 6 month old and 4 year old. Mum is on the course as her son has had toncillitis 3 times since September, with anitibiots x 2 each time. Last week she arrived saying son had all the signs of toncillitis developing. Son loved first half hour but then became very clingy to mum wanting cuddles. Today she arrived saying they went home from last week son had an hour sleep. Temp rest of day and the next (but fine to go to preschool) and no toncillitis! She put it down to going home and doing reflex!

     Claire Hall, instructor
  • The lad who was delightfully defiant last week came straight in today, lay down and said - MUMMY I do hope you are going to do one of my feet and one of my brothers and not both of his feet and make me wait! - Wonderful progress they have been making at home

     Claire Hall, instructor

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