The Children's Reflexology Programme

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Claire McGuigan - Qualified Instructor

Hi everyone. My name is Claire McGuigan. I am a reflexologist, a midwife and most importantly a mother to 4 amazing children.. two teenage boys and 10 year old twin girls.

My journey into the holistic therapies started just over a year ago. I had seen the benefits they offer first hand over the years and I felt I had reached a stage in my life and career whereby I could pursue this interest with the aim of helping others. So with the support of my family I trained as a reflexologist and haven’t looked back.

Reflexology has become an integral part of our family life with a least one of the kids or even my husband wanting their feet rubbed on a regular basis. They all enjoy the relaxation element and have also benefited  from the treatment of some of their ailments, for example headaches, backache, coughs and colds and treatment of allergies.

As a midwife with over 20 years experience, working in both the community and hospital setting, I have a particular interest in the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy and labour so I have undertaken further training in Maternity a Reflexology. 

I also have  a great interest in the benefits of reflexology for children from birth throughout childhood. As a mother of 4 I have had experience of many childhood illnesses and discomforts including colic, reflux, lactose intolerance and all the other common complaints such as teething, earache, digestive disorders, tantrums etc. I have had that feeling of helplessness and not knowing what else to do to comfort them so when I learnt about The Children ‘s Reflexology Programme I was immediately drawn to it as I could see how beneficial it would have been to me as a mother of 4 small children. I loved the fact that in training as an instructor I would be able to empower parents and make them feel more confident in their parenting skills and I can only wish that I’d had this opportunity when my own kiddies were small.

So please believe me when I say this programme can be life changing for both you and your baby/ child


I don't have places available on courses running in the near future but please do contact me to find out when more courses are coming up or to see if we can arrange something specially for you.


I have the following qualifications in The Children's Reflexology Programme:

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