The Children's Reflexology Programme

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Natalie Clayton - Qualified Instructor


Here's a list of courses I've got coming up. Click on any of them to get more details or to book a place. If you don't see a course suitable for you, please contact me to see if we can arrange something.
Start Venue Title
04-Jun-2020 1pm Zoom online Baby Kids Reflex Course
05-Jun-2020 09.30 Zoom online Pre and Post Immunization Kids Reflex Course
02-Jul-2020 1pm Zoom online Antenatal Newborn Reflex Course
03-Jul-2020 09.30 Zoom online Teething Specific reflex Course
10-Jul-2020 09.30 Zoom online Allergies subject specific kids reflex course
17-Jul-2020 09.30 Zoom online Digestive Disorders Subject specific Kids Reflex Course
24-Jul-2020 09.30 Zoom online Enuresis (Bed Wetting) Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course
31-Jul-2020 09.30 Zoom online Reflux Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course
01-Aug-2020 2pm Zoom online School aged Children's Reflex Course
07-Aug-2020 09.30 Zoom Online Colic and Migraine Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course
21-Aug-2020 09.30 Zoom Online Ear Ache Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course
03-Sep-2020 1pm Zoom online Pre-School to Year 2 Kids Reflex Course
04-Sep-2020 09.30 Zoom online Tantrums Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course
11-Sep-2020 09.30 Zoom online Coughs and Colds Subject Specific Kids Reflex Course


I have the following qualifications in The Children's Reflexology Programme:

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